Jimi Hendrix by Lahle and Elizabeth Wolfe

This picture has a story and it’s own song.  I will post both the story and the song soon.  For now, here is a brief story…

This pencil sketch was a project I worked on with my daughter who is teaching me how to “art.”  She gave me tips, guidance, demonstrated techniques, and helped with some areas where I would just get “stuck.”  She finished the eyes and took me shading to the next level with her own additions to shadow and light.  In the end, I was very pleased with how Jimi #3 turned out and asked my daughter, Elizabeth, to sign her name as well because without her, this sketch would never have been so fun — even when it was hard.

I love you Elizabeth dear.

Jimi Hendrix by Lahle and Elizabeth Wolfe

Portrait of Jimi Hendrix #3

Pencil sketch by Lahle and Elizabeth Rose Wolfe, August 12, 2018.




3 Replies to “Portrait of Jimi Hendrix #3”

  1. Wow! I wish I was around when he was alive to see him play live but he became another tragic loss to the “27” club. You should do more with your daughter because you make a great art team!

  2. Your daughter is an amazing art teacher and I love that she is willing to spend so much time with you. Mine are grown and gone. You should frame this or at least pull it from the pad so that you can protect it from smudging.

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