Artwork by the talented and lovely Sophia Ehrlich. Rest in peace beautiful lady; you live on in the art you left us with. Love you forever “Just Sophia.”

Pleasure 05 2006 Sophia Ehrlich


“Pleasure” Painting by Sophia Ehrlich, May 2006, Watercolor. This is the last painting Sophia finished before she passed away. She had started one more, a black horse running, but was not able to finish it. Pleasure was supposed to be a study in color but the entire painting is wonderful. No one would know Sophia was just playing with her paints. The end result looks like a masterpiece to me.

Bandit 01 2006 Sophia Ehrlich


“Bandit” Painting by Sophia Ehrlich, January 2006 Watercolor. When Sophia saw a picture of Bandit she told me she had to paint his face. Sophia had a talent for capturing the emotions and mood of her subject and I can almost see Bandit’s tail twitching in anticipation of a good pounce. This painting is truly stunning and the intense stare from Bandit really pops out.

Pakistani Women 2005 Sophia Ehrlich

Pakistani Women Waiting

“Pakistani Women Waiting” Painting by Sophia Ehrlich, 2005 Watercolor. Sophia was intrigued by other cultures. She saw a photo of Pakistani women peering out of a tent and wondered what they might be waiting for. Food? Freedom? Their children to return? Perhaps her curiosity about what her subjects where thinking in feeling contributed to her remarkable artistic ability to convey a story behind her paintings.

Golden and Deer 07 2005 Sophia Ehrlich

Golden And Deer

“Golden and Deer” Painting By Sophia Ehrlich, July 2005, Watercolor. This adorable painting captures the true essence of golden retrievers – a breed known for its gentle qualities. Sophia’s son, Jeffrey, says goldens think “I love of everyone and everyone loves me, I’m a golden!” The facial expression of the golden retriever in this painting certainly expresses that idea.

Worker 03 2005 Sophia Ehrlich


“Worker” Painting by Sophia Ehrlich, March 2005 Watercolor. When Sophia sent me a copy of this painting I thought it was a man lost in contemplation. When I asked Sophia what she thought this man was thinking about, she said, “nothing, he’s just taking a break from work.” What appealed to her about his man, and what she wanted to portray, was the strength of his back and arms. I think she did a lovely job.

The Hobo 01 2005 Sophia Ehrlich

The Hobo

“The Hobo” Painting By Sophia Ehrlich, January 2005, Watercolor. Sophia told me she was painting a hobo. Imagine my surprise (and delight) when she showed me this painting. She wanted to show that being a hobo (a person who wanders from place to place without a fixed home) can be a chosen, spiritual experience. This “hobo” certainly exudes a certain angelic quality.