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No Place Like Home

A simple painting of subway commuters by Lahle Wolfe, "There's No Place Like Home" comes from the heart. Watercolor. August 5, 2019.
By : Lahle Wolfe | Aug 6, 2019

Winter Symphony

I love winter and it is my hope that my Winter Symphony will convince more folks to give in to the mysterious wonders of nature because even in the stillest of winters, there is life teaming and waiting to burst forth.
By : Lahle Wolfe | Jul 28, 2019

Winter Symphony – Sleep (Third Movement)

The third movement in my composition, "Winter Symphony."
By : Lahle Wolfe | Jul 26, 2019

Gettin’ By On Love (Jim and Arla’s Song)

I composed this song for a dear friend, Jim Dearing, and his lovely wife, Arla.  Their love story is the made-for-movie kind and fortunately, with a happily ever after.
By : Lahle Wolfe | Jul 17, 2019


I think most of us who teen'd during the 60s or 70s spent time under one of these things (or in the backseat.) Here is to little VW bug lovers everywhere. (I'm actually a Mustang fan myself.)
By : Lahle Wolfe | Jun 29, 2019

Orange Boat in Blue Water

Orange Boat in Blue Water Watercolor, Lahle Wolfe June 2019 Some things are beautiful simply for being simple. Source: From photo by Hans J. Hansen. 
By : Lahle Wolfe | Jun 29, 2019

Birch Trees in Winter

Birch Trees in Winter Watercolor by Lahle Wolfe June 2019.    
By : Lahle Wolfe | Jun 20, 2019

Fine Line?

If you have bred beta (Siamese fighting fish) the above cartoon will make sense.  It takes careful timing and observation to ensure a successful pairing because these fish want to kill each
By : Lahle Wolfe | Apr 10, 2019
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