Sober Memories 10 2004 Sophia Ehrlich

A Blues Jazz Song Sung Old School Style

Ain’t It a Shame

Sober Memories 10 2004 Sophia Ehrlich

“Sober Memories” a watercolor painting by Sophia Ehrlich, October 2004.

Ain’t it a shame you don’t know how to play loves game
Ain’t it a shame your heart is black and blue 
Over someone who doesn’t even love you
Over someone who’d rather see you cry than smile
Over someone who’ll never love you like I do….like I do….
Ain’t it a shame I didn’t come along sooner in life
And get to love you first in life
Then it would be a different game
But it’s all crashing down around you now
And you know you know you know I can’t wait around
I know you won’t stay
We’ll just go on our ways
With one final look behind to say …. ain’t it a shame.

I started  writing this song in 2015, shelved it, forgot about it, and then worked on it more in 2018 after legendary Aretha Franklin passed in August 2018.