Knock Knock, Song by Lahle Wolfe about domestic violence

Knock Knock, Song by Lahle Wolfe about domestic violence

According to the Centers for Disease Control, in the United States alone,  4.8 million women are victims intimate partner-related physical assaults and rapes.   I was one.*

2.9 million men are victims of physical assault from their partners.  That adds up to almost 7.7 million domestic violence victims per year in the USA, or roughly 2% of the population.

Knock Knock

Music and Lyrics by Lahle Wolfe

I feel a burning on my skin
He said “knock, knock girl, let me in.”
Didn’t answer I was too afraid
He said, “Silly girl, do you know the mess you made?”

I feel a tingling down my spine
“Knock, knock girl, let me in you’re mine.”
Too slow to answer again this time
He said, “Bad bad girl you need to get… in…. line.”

Knock knock girl, he broke down the door
He hit me hard and I hit the floor
Knock knock girl should’ve let me in
Now get on your knees and repent … your sins.


The whiskey devil grabs my neck
It’s boozy stench starts to steal my breath
Knock knock lady said The Man let us in
The monster in cuffs just turns… and grins

No place to hide, no place to go
Another mother on the run with a TRO
While her babies sleep in the Motel Six
She turns her head towards a familiar click….

*Note:  I am remarried happily to a man who values all life and whose kindness and patience are nothing short of remarkable. He has never shown me anything but kindness.

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