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Lahle Wolfe Ehrlich

Being remembered matters to us only as long as we are here.

Lahle WolfeI created this website for my family and friends to enjoy  pieces of my art and soul at their leisure.  It does seem vain but frankly, being remembered matters to us only as long as we are here, and I am still here. 

Once we are gone, what matters more is having made a positive difference for having been here.   That way, the memories we leave for others will be kind to them and hopefully, bring them peace and even joy upon our remembrance once we are gone. 

We won’t care if we are remembered, but those we leave behind will care. 

Memories are how we cleave to loved ones after they have changed spiritual addresses and we can no longer see and touch them and so I have worked hard to finish “things.”  “Things” being the baby quilt I started when I was pregnant (1998); the Christmas stocking I started for my son (1996) and a daughter (1999) and never finished.  Also among “things” are songs, poems, art work, and who knows what else that I started and never finished.

Now, I am finishing things and putting them here.

I stand on my faith on Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and I know where I am going and it will be glorious for me, but of course, sad for those taking a later flight and who will miss me in the meantime.  I know this because I have loved ones who have left me; it hurts and leaves a hole in deep parts of your heart and soul.  I hope that by leaving behind living pieces of me any holes I leave will be made smaller.

I do know this, my family matters marvelously so to me (even those passed) and so I have also included the art work of Sophia Ehrlich, my mother-in-law who left us too soon, but left us with a lot of love. 

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Black and white photo circa 1963 at Great Falls. Lahle Wolfe as a child.

Me, age 3. My parents constantly told me to sit down, stop climbing things, keep my hands to myself, stop talking… to just… calm … down. (My kids now tell me these same things.)