Untitled (Julie’s Demo)


Painting by Sophia Ehrlich, December 11, 2002

Sophia noted on the foot of this painting “mainly Julie’s demo.” Julie was her painting instructor.

Sophia would admire the talents of her teacher and others in her class and always seem to sell herself short. When Sophia showed me this painting I thought it lacked something. The colors are nice, but there is something ordinary in its execution. Sophia did not agree with me and longed to be able to “paint with ease.”

Sophia kept this painting, done mostly by her instructor to learn from it. Perhaps because it was her first year as a watercolorist Sophia did not recognize her own abilities. But over the next 10 months, this “beginner” would be tackling such difficult subjects (glass and water) even her instructor told Sophia her talent was extraordinary.

Mainly Julies Demo 11 2002 Sophia Ehrlich