My Strat

Closeup photo of Strat body with custom dye ink work by Lahle WolfeIn 2018 I was forced to retire early due to health reasons.  I was crushed; I had to walk away from a marketing firm I founded and ran for over a decade.  I was also losing control of my hands, arms, and legs, and could no longer play guitar.  It was very hard to have so much pain and no music relief to turn to.

In 2019, by happy accident I discovered a new interest — building and painting stringed instruments.  I also was recovering nicely from a two-level ACDF and now have a lovely titanium reinforced neck myself — and most of my sensations back.

I began playing the cello, then switched to violin, then guitar and bass.  It seemed only natural that one day I would end up making my own instruments given that I failed home economics in school but passed electronics with flying colors.  I was not allowed to take shop back then but wonderful Mr. Cave let me (and other students) play in wood shop after school.  I built stuff and took it home to my mother who was not impressed — she wanted me to cook and clean.  I wanted to be a rock star.  I did — I became a rock-star mom and a highly successful business owner.  

But my kids are grown and I am retired (and losing my marbles doing nothing) so now is my time.  I no longer rock it out — I found my sound in jazz but I cannot wait to make and play other new instruments I have never tried. 

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