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Pouring Our Hearts Out

Forest at Night Acrylic paint pour with Rainex. February 8, 2018. Lahle Wolfe.

Before my neck surgery (2017) my daughter Elizabeth and I spent countless hours pouring (and scraping) acrylic paint on (and off) canvases together. 

We used water repellents, oil, silicone, and heat to create paint effects.  We also tried using string, glue, glitter, straws, spatulas, and a whole lot of ‘whatever we had laying around.’

Pouring is not as simple as it looks but it is every bit as much fun as it looks.  It involves the use of chemistry and and an understanding of how paints want to — or don’t want to, interact.  Although we did try the basics of dirty pours and scrapes, we never really mastered the art of developing cells with any predictability. 

We poured passionately for about a year and despite never mastering it as an art form, found it to be incredibly therapeutic.   As I was able to do more, I began to explore inks and watercolors and Elizabeth returned to her first love — oils,  but from time to time when we need to “emotional” paint out our feelings we might still turn to a good pour.

Acrylic Paint Pours

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