Hunter, Watercolor by Lahle Wolfe
“Hunter.” Watercolor and ink by Lahle. December 15, 2013.




Hunter is our trainer, Anee’s, dog.  She rescued him when he was still a little thing and he appears to be part coyote. She’s sweet; he’s sweet. Hunter is one of those perfect dogs that we all wish our own dogs could be more like.  Hunter is smart, stunning to look at, well behaved, and completely devoted to his mistress.

Anee will often bring Hunter to the barn with her where camps out on a big comfy mattress content to just be where his person is.  Hunter also likes to dig holes to curl up in and stay cooler on those warm SoCal days.

For Christmas, I wanted to give Anee a gift that showed thought, effort, and love — something she gives to my girls everyday.  And so, I decided to paint her a picture of her beautiful dog.