Artwork by the talented and lovely Sophia Ehrlich. Rest in peace beautiful lady; you live on in the art you left us with. Love you forever “Just Sophia.”

Old Woman 08 2005 Sophia Ehrlich

Old Woman

“Old Woman” Painting by Sophia Ehrlich, August 2005, Watercolor. Sophia did not like getting older herself, but she enjoyed painting senior citizens. I think she may have appreciated the challenge of capturing wrinkles and lines without making her subjects appear haggered and spent.

Golden and Deer 07 2005 Sophia Ehrlich

Golden And Deer

“Golden and Deer” Painting By Sophia Ehrlich, July 2005, Watercolor. This adorable painting captures the true essence of golden retrievers – a breed known for its gentle qualities. Sophia’s son, Jeffrey, says goldens think “I love of everyone and everyone loves me, I’m a golden!” The facial expression of the golden retriever in this painting certainly expresses that idea.

Cockatoo 2005 Sophia Ehrlich 1


“Cockatoo” Painting by Sophia Ehrlich, 2005, Watercolor. I do remember when Sophia painted this watercolor of a cockatoo. I remember how cute she thought it was that the bird had toys. She shared how smart these birds are, and child-like. She also painted, Lucky the Lorikeet,” in 2005.

Tiger and Pig watercolor painting by Sophia Ehrlich, May 2005

Tiger And Pigs

“Tiger and Pigs” Watercolor Painting by Sophia Ehrlich, May 2005. Tiger and Pig is another example of how much Sophia enjoyed painting the unexpected. This painting was inspired by a true story she read about a baby tiger who befriended a band of piglets.