"Crackers." Watercolor and India Ink on Bristol by Lahle Wolfe.
“Crackers.” Watercolor and India Ink on Bristol by Lahle Wolfe. 07.26.13



Crackers is a special horse with a special story.  He suffered a near catastrophic injury and it was thought he would not recover.  His owner decided to give this kindhearted horse a chance and turned him out to pasture in hopes he would at least live out his days in peace.

One day, long after his injury, his owner saw Crackers trotting outside her window.  Nothing short or miraculous, she wanted him to have love and leased him to another woman, Kathy, who had her own heartache to heal from.  Together, Crackers and Kathy thrived and enjoyed many happy times together until it was time to let him retire.

I took photos of the two of them on their last day together before Crackers went home to his owner to retire.  It was a tearful, difficult day.  I know Kathy thinks lovingly and often of her beautiful boy, Crackers.