Guild S300D

Guild S300D guitar, 1978
1978 Guild S300D guitar, in watercolor and ink. By Lahle December 31, 2013.


1977 Guild S300D GuitarI am partial to (okay, obsessed with) Guild guitars.  They have a sweet sound and I have never played one that I did not love.  This painting is of a particular guitar I bought for my husband because I wanted him to have something special because he is special.

This sweet axe in this picture is a 1977 Guild S300D.  It has an ash body, mahogany neck with mother of pearl inlays and ebony fretboard.  I was very blessed to find one on eBay 15 years ago with its original case and, most important, original, working Super DiMarzio double humbucking pickups.  Have mercy!

One of the things I love about this guitar (I love everything about this guitar) is it has two complete octaves and short scale neck making it the ideal guitar for women.  It growls like few guitars, sustain is second only to a Kramer or Travis Beam but is much lighter.

I have one of my own, only without the ash body (a model 300) and the pickups fragged while playing some Hendrix.  But that’s okay, I now play my husband’s guitar.  In return, he bought me a Guild hollow body I may paint next.  She’s a beauty for sure and sings like siren.

I painted this picture of this beautiful guitar for my husband for a Christmas present.  I really wish that I had painted some shadows or something so the guitar does not look like it is floating in space.  Well, we live, we paint, we learn.  I hope my husband loves it as much as I love him!