Jarred Lightening

Jarred Lightening, by Lahle. Pencil sketch.
Jarred Lightening, by Lahle. Pencil sketch.  Circa 1997.


My ex-husband brought home a digital magazine from work. I saw this wonderful digital image an artist had created of a man trying to capture lightening bugs in a jar that were actually, well, ‘lightening’ bugs.  I love lightening bugs (it does no good to call them “fireflies” here as it would obscure the play on words).

Besides, I was raised in Maryland where a proper country girl called them fireflies.  Which is why I called them lightening bugs.  I was never all that proper.

So this is a very close sketch of the digital I saw years ago — not my idea, totally copped this from someone else.  If I was a good person I would remember the artists name but it is 2016 now and I saw the original in the mid-late 90s.