Lizzie and Troy

Lizzie Loves Troy


Lizzie and Troy

Troy, aka “Ambassador” is Lizzie’s first horse. She and Troy were meant to find each other and thanks to Cassandra Karazissis (their “matchmaker”) who found Troy for her, they have been having a wild love affair ever since.

Troy is always kind to others; shyly social, but not awkward, but he clearly only has eyes for one person — his Lizzie.

I love how Troy greets her softly, with genuine warmth.  At 17.1 hands, he is a gentle giant.  Troy gets along with other horses, but they too hold little interest for him.  It’s all about Lizzie.  And that is how it should be with a young girl and her horse.

I wanted to capture the special love between them in my Christmas painting for her so I worked from a photo (adlibbing much of the background) that just melted my heart.