Mister Buddy, Miss Maggie And Halo

Mister Buddy and Miss Maggie
Mister Buddy and Miss Maggie. Watercolor painting for charity from photos by Mister Buddy’s human mom. June 10, 2014


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Halo. Watercolor for charity by Lahle. August 10, 2014.I love rescue organizations, especially equine groups. Rescuing horses is hard work, emotionally grueling, and expensive! I do all that I can to support equine rescue any way that I can. I run a website that donates 100% of all profits to equine rescues (www.buckit-list.com) and adopted my own wonderful gelding (Charlie) through a rescue in 2012, and another mare from a shelter in 2014 (Maggie).

I painted two paintings for a fundraiser of the wonderful, much loved mini equine celebs Mister Buddy and lovely Miss Maggie (above) as another of Halo, their adorable mini stablemate.

You can follow Mister Buddy, Halo, and Miss Maggie on Facebook. My paintings were auctioned to raise money for Mister Buddy’s favorite horse rescue!