No Place Like Home

There’s No Place Like Home

Watercolor. August 5, 2019.

During the hot and hotter months of July and August I embarked on the perfect road trip for introverts who require a walker to get around  — a Google road map drive by. 

Starting from home I mapped out a travel route that included trips to Jackson, Mississippi where I discovered an abandoned area of town that surely mystery and crime writers would have a field day uncovering some dark past secrets, and a quick side trip to Goleta to wander some beautiful less traveled roads.

I drove up to Big Sur, and to marvelous, magical Jekyll Island in Georgia and a few other places recommended by friends.

I kept a little travel journal and took photos (screen caps) of my adventures and even of a few misadventures.  It took me longer (many weeks) to do my drive than had I truly traveled in the land of tangibility, but that’s part of why my staycation 2019 was so magical — I could travel anywhere during the day, sleep in my lovely canopy bed cuddled up with my cat, and then, in the morning, pick up where I left off in some other state.  I had the time to look up and research interesting trivia and history and just plain laughing when I’d stumble on a Google glitch or “wormhole.”

In the end, as much as I genuinely enjoyed my virtual travels, there still remains, for me at least, no place like home.

Reference Source: Inspired by a photo found on Pixabay titled “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” Photographer unknown.