Winter Symphony

Now on Spotify, “Winter Symphony” a delightful four movement piece for winter lovers (and haters) and classical music buffs.

I dedicate this piece to our Lord and Savior whose beautiful Spirit moved through me to compose this when I was unable to play guitar due to a serious illness. I found that I was able to sit at a PC and compose, and so, I did.

Thank you, Lord for your love and inspiration and for restoring me Spirit, soul and body.  Your strength is mine.


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(Winter Symphony – 1st Movement)

Dance of the Stars
(Winter Symphony – 2nd Movement)

(Winter Symphony – 3rd Movement)

The Gift
(Winter Symphony – 4th Movement)

Why I Love Winter

Birch Trees in WinterI have loved winter since I was a young girl. I often prayed for snow and felt tremendous joy with every fallen flake when it finally came as if Heaven itself had sent it to me.

I skated and sledded alone and loved being out of doors in winter when it was so cold no one else was around.  When it was so cold you could see your breath and catch it at the same time.

Virginia summers were filled with wondrous things to fill my childhood like fireflies and thunderstorms and a distinct changing of its four beautiful seasons.  Springtime in Virginia meant bursting blooms on dogwood and cherry trees and red robins bounce bounce bouncing along in search of a wiggly meal.  And fall was a painting to show off God’s own glorious, artistic hand as can be seen in the firey gold red yellow pallet of fall.  Still, scents of summer and sounds of new life in spring were not a part of my soul the way winter had become.  Winter back easy was also harsh and unforgiving at times so bleak and then the snow would come and everything ugly became transformed into something extraordinary and beautiful.  Even hard lines became softer when snowed upon so  perhaps, for reasons deeply embedded in the wish and longing for my own horrific childhood to become soft and safe and white and innocent again, winter remains my favorite season when I feel most alive.

In 2004, I moved from the east coast and fours seasons to the west coast and “endless summer.” I have missed snow every year, especially in December, when roses bloom in Los Angeles and our yard is peppered with fallen blood oranges and pomegranates instead of softly wearing a blanket of snow.

It is now my hope that my Winter Symphony will convince more folks to give in to the mysterious wonders of nature because even in the stillest of winters, there is life teaming and waiting to burst forth.  

If you like winter, you may also enjoy “Snowy Days” a frosty metaphor about the passing of time, fading of memories, and of course, snowflakes, too.

Thank you for the gift of your ear and time.  — Lahle