Ramiro and Andy

Ramiro and Andy Watercolor by Lahle Wolfe
Ramiro and Andy.  Watercolor by Lahle Wolfe. June 4, 2013.



Ramiro and AndyAndy and Ramiro, watercolorWatercolor of a friend, and fabulous groom, Ramiro.

The horse is Andy, Rachel, my oldest daughter’s trusty steed. I painted this picture for Ramiro to give to his wife on her birthday because he often would not get to see her for many months at a time and he missed her and his children.  Ramiro is like many men who come from Mexico to find work — hard working, soft-spoken, quiet and stoic.  He would sometimes go back to Mexico for months at one time waiting for his work visa to be renewed and me and the girls would always miss him.

Ramiro was a great sport about posing and he always had a smile and warm greeting for me and the girls.

We moved our horses to another barn shortly after this picture was taken as we needed a place where our oldest horse could retire, our newly adopted rescue could finish rehabbing, and we wanted to keep our little mini herd together.

We still go back and visit Ramiro sometimes.  You never forget good people.