On my knees, I plead
Your angel strengthens me
The bitter taste of wrath must come
So You can roll away the stone
My sorrow is unto death
My soul crushed, but no broken bones

I plead
Until I bleed
Let this cup pass from my lips
Yet not my will but thine be done
My sorrow is unto death
Ohh Abba, Abba, here they come….


With a kiss
I taste the bitter taste of sin
and give my life to pay its price
My sorrow will be overcome
So Abba, Abba, thy will be done

* * *

Written: July 25, 2021

First Guitar: Drop D tuning
Second Guitar: Drop D tuning


In 2021, I did a topical study on Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. It shook my soul to imagine what he went through that night. As I began to try and imagine myself there, this song began to form.  It is the first song I have written two guitar parts for and I tried to interject the intensity of emotions into the passages.  I hope the listener will be able to imagine those soldiers footsteps coming and Jesus’ as he cried out to His heavenly father, “Abba, Abba”….