Honey Bee

My Honey Bee by Lahle Wolfe

Honey Bee

Music & Lyrics by Lahle Wolfe

I love you
You love me
Were’ together like it’s meant to be
You’re my baby you’re my sweetie you’re my honey bee

You’re my candy
I am your drug
We’re closer than two bugs in a rug
You’re my baby you’re my sweetie you’re my honey bee

I’m your groupie
Your my fan
We’re tighter than a one-man band
You’re my baby you’re my sweetie you’re my honey bee


I’m your girlie
You’re my boy
You’ll always be my favorite toy
You’re my baby you’re my sweetie you’re my honey bee

I’m your high
You’re my five
I love it when you swarm my hive
Cause you’re my baby you’re my sweetie you’re my honey bee

Copyright 2017, Lahle Wolfe

Behind the Scenes

My Honey Bee by Lahle Wolfe

I wrote this simple, silly little love song for my husband’s birthday.  It was one of those songs that came out of nowhere and the melody worked itself out in about ten minutes.  The lyrics took an hour — there were so many cute little rhyming phrases I had a harder time deciding what not to put in, then coming up with ideas (as a non-skilled lyricist it typically takes me weeks, months, years to work on lyrics.)

I recorded the guitar and voice simultaneously and added a little harmony later. There is a punch in at the end because of a last minute change in lyrics to make the song better.  I left in all the imperfections to keep the one-take love song as simple and carefree as possible.  Love is that way — imperfect, yet somehow, that makes it better.  Things that might drive others crazy, my husband find endearing in me (and vice-versa.)  However, unlike one-take love songs, we do get more than one chance in life to love and I am blessed to have found love imperfectly perfect, carefree and wonderful the second time around.

This is the first time I have recorded my voice, myself, without the aid of brilliant software audio “enhancement.”  A friend told me to start somewhere, but I was still a little scared.  I read Ali Handal’s “Guitar for Girls” and got some of the best advice I have ever gotten to date:  don’t compare yourself to others, compare yourself to where you were a year ago to see if you have improved (paraphrased.)  So, that said, this is where my “public”  singing starts.  I am sure in a year my voice will improve, but if not, that’s okay. I am in this music thing (okay, more like this music thing is in me) for fun and I am having fun.  And, when you are not sure how much playing time is left in your hands, suddenly, what other people think fades into trivial buzzing and all that matters is picking up your fave guitar as much as you possibly can.