My Latest Obsession: Hand Painted Glass Christmas Ornaments

Glass Ornaments hand painted by Lahle Wolfe, blue, purple. green tones

I began messing around with acrylic paints just before July 2017.  My daughter, a gifted artist, asked for art supplies for her birthday.  Although she prefers oils, we decided to try acrylic paints for fun.  In addition to the usual canvas paintings and pours, I began wondering what else I could use these fussy, but magical paints for?

Then it hit me:  Michael’s 50% off glass (and plastic) Christmas ornaments = sign from heaven to give it a try.

And so, a new obsession was born.  I am currently working on a video to show others how to make these beautiful ornaments!

UPDATE! The video is ready!

Reverse Dirty Flip Paint Technique for Pouring Inside Glass and Plastic Ornaments (video)

Here are step-by-step instructions for creating your own beautiful holiday ornaments using my reverse dirty flip method.


Cobalt Gold Painted OrnamentThrowing Down Ornaments Using the Reverse Dirty Flip Technique (video)

“Throwing Down” is the term of endearment I have given to the process of creating my dirty pour ornaments. 

Troubleshooting: I can’t get paint to cover the entire surface of the ornament.

If you shake, flip, and yell obscenities at your ornament because no matter what you do you just cannot get the entire thing covered, here are some tips to fix the problem and troubleshoot why it happened to avoid wrist fatigue in the future.

Here are a few more ornaments I have done since I first posted this article….

Ornaments in Bowl  Pretty Ornaments in a Row  Christmas ornament painted by Lahle Wolfe using her trademark "reverse dirty flip" technique. 2017